Are you using the full capacity of your mind?

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I am an experienced psychic, medium, & medical intuitive offering two types of sessions. 

A session offers insights you may not have considered.

So you can make informed decisions. 


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Career, Relationships, Health, Pets, Spirits, Input for your decisions, Business

$175 ~ Hour     $90 ~ Half Hour



Soul~Life Direction Session

Where are you going and what is in your way?

A look at your talents, blocks, and steps to clear your path and live a fruitful life.

$175 - 1-Hour



I ask that you take responsibility for your life by not viewing my sessions as a replacement for your own good judgment.  It's important to use your own analytical and intuitive skills as well as seek counsel from trusted people.  Maintain your autonomy when getting sessions.  It is never wise to make life decisions based solely on what a psychic tells you or on my consultation (or on any one source).  The usefulness of a session is that it may bring out issues or information that you would otherwise not have considered.

"My mind is still reeling and I'm trying to absorb and process everything from my reading with you today.  You have a beautiful gift, and I feel blessed to have had the chance to meet you and have you do my first psychic reading! :)  Your seeing my pet chicken was amazing.  My daughters loved that one!!!!!!!  We all loved that silly chicken!" -- Peggy 

"My husband listened to the recording
and it blew him away!" -- S.
"Karen was amazing.  I found her welcoming and easy to be around.  Her reading was spot on!  Thank you for your amazing insight Karen."  -- Kathy

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