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a psychic experience?
an encounter with a spirit?
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I have over 18 years experience as a psychic, medium, and medical intutiive.  Psychic educator and author.  I have assisted a variety of individuals over the years with questions and challenges with psychic encounters.

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Hourly Rate ~ $175; 1/2 hour $90

Med student told by faculty to leave med school because she kept fainting during clinicals.  Her intuitive connections with patients got in her way.  She stayed in med school with my assistance.
I've helped children/parents (& adults) with a variety of issues: 
can't sleep because of spirits in room
premonitions of the future
feelings of being overwhelmed that don't have a basis in mental health
seeing auras
a five year old who saw a spirit who drowned and thought his feelings were hers
sensing one or more spirits...
Individuals who get something intuitive and don't know what to do wtih it.  I give them tools so they can discover the significance.  I also teach how to establish good boundaries so they are in charge of their intuition.
Help individuals to see the full picture of their intuitive or paranormal experiences.
What to do about difficult spirits or energy in your home.

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