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What is the Akaschic Records?
Definition:  Akasha:  Sanskrit for sky, space, aether; boundless space, the Book of Life, Hall of Records, soul record
The origins of the records can be found in many cultures under varying mames.  Ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Egyptians believed a record of all history existed and, for some, it included a list of those eligible for entrance into heaven.  In the nineteenth century, Theosophy held the idea that an energetic record existed of all knowledge and experience-everything.  Early twentieth-century psychic Edgar Cayce used the Hall of Records to read a person's soul record.
Some may see the Akashic Records as an account of the fate of the universe--viewing human experience as set in stone.  But another way of viewing this is that many future possibilities exist, and all are recorded in the Akashic Records.  Akashic Records readings can offer you what possibilities are most likely being played out, giving you options and likely outcomes.  This view is empowering, unlike the concept that everything in our lives has already been planned or fated.

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