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Soul - Life Direction Session

What to Expect:
The session begins with a brief meditation to connect with "higher" realms of knowledge and wisdom.  Your soul guides the session.  I use a variety of tools including the Akashic Records, past/future life readings, and communication with spirits and divine beings with your best interest at heart.
I start by giving you insights for 15 to 20 minutes.  During this initial part of your session, take notes on questions to ask me later.  The session lasts one hour.
What makes this session unique is that you receive healing energy.  I send Reiki energy to the obstacles in your path during the session.  Your higher self and spirit guides assist.
Your Preparation:
Spend time over 3 to 5 days with this prep
This type of session is focused on who you are at a deep level of being, where you want to go with your life, and what's getting in your way.  To bring your energy to this session, spend time thinking about or writing about the questions below.  You will bring more of your energy to the session, and hence, get a better session, when you write about these questions.  Also, meditate daily.
1.  Think back to when you were 8 to 11 years old.  What did you want to do/be in life?
2.  What has been the most important personal-to-you event, success, or experience in your life?
3.  What is or has been the biggest obstacle in your way?
4.  What is missing?
These questions are for you; you will not be sharing this with me.

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