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The Psychic Workbook:
Tools & Techniques to Develop Reliable Insight
Schiffer Publishing

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Learn how to turn your hunches and gut instinct into a strong intuitive sense.  Like any skill, it just takes learning how to develop and use it.  Created by a seasoned psychic and educator, use the workbook daily over two to three months, and discover that you have intuition when you need it!



"I rarely pick up a book & then can't put it down.  The Psychic Workbook is one of those rare books that is not only well-written, but it is highly informative and helpful.  Anyone who wishes to work on developing their intuition and psychic abilities more fully will find this book to be one of the most useful titles ever written on the subject."  -- Amazon.com Review
“Karen!!!!  I loved, loved, loved your workbook.  I feel so blessed to have read it; thank you!  You write in an informal, easy to understand and fun way and what great exercises and insights!  ...readers can have richer, deeper experiences when they develop and grow confident in listening to the guidance of their psychic sense.”
          – Terry Chriswell, publisher, Mile High Natural Awakenings
“This is an imminently useful and practical book for those serious about developing and using their innate psychic abilities.  From her years of experience instructing people – adults and children – in tried and true methods of developing reliable, accessible psychic “muscle”, Fox presents a dazzling array of techniques, methodology, and tips that enable the student to confidently develop their own unique ways of accessing their psychic senses.
Fox’s warm and clear writing style engages the student with a myriad of exercises that will open and strengthen their psychic abilities.  Illustrating the ‘why’ behind each exercise with the experiences of real students as well as her own, she explains the methodology behind each technique concisely thus creating building blocks of knowledge and experience for the practitioner.
In The Psychic Workbook, Fox invites you to lift the veil of mystery surrounding the psychic sense and begin to use your own natural psychic talents to enrich your life, make fully informed decisions based on information you receive both consciously and intuitively.”
-- Karen Harrison, author, The Everyday Psychic: A Practical Guide to Activating Your Psychic gifts and The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook
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