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   Build Your Psychic Skills:  The 90-Day Plan
  Schiffer Publishing, 2013
  Available where books are sold

This card set is designed to help you take small steps each day, so that, in just three months, you can turn your hunches and gut instinct into a stronger   intuitive ability.

Color-coded cards are organized by day of the week to make practice easy.  Each day has a particular focus so you can increase your skill level efficiently.  It's easy and fun, and you will discover your ESP getting stronger each day!

Mondays:   Mental Focus Day
Tuesdays:   Body Awareness Day
Wednesdays:   "The Clairs" Day
Thursdays:   Play Outside Your Rut Day
Fridays:   Dream Day
Saturdays:   Psychic Play Day
Sundays:   Precognition Day
At the end of the first year of the Aspen Program in 2010,
a student wrote on her evaluation for me to find a way to make her do her homework. 
The 90-Day card set is my reply. 
Amazon.com Feedback: 
“I love this product!  I’m on day 44 and my psychic skills have increased dramatically!  Each day gives you an easy task to build up your skills bit by bit.   I am glad I took a chance and ordered this product, love it!”
“This is seriously effective.  I am already sensitive in this area and have been  my whole life.  I used these to help me stay in a routine…If you’re a beginner and want something to set you on a good path to using and building these skills, this is probably the best thing on the market as far as I am concerned.  Plus, it is super easy and the daily tasks are fun and not going to bog you down.”
Develop the Full Capacity of Your Mind!