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Instruction Tool - Cards


   Build Your Psychic Skills:  The 90-Day Plan
   90-Day Card Set
   Schiffer Publishing
    Available where books are sold

Designed to help you take small steps each day.  So you can turn your hunches and gut instinct into a stronger intuitive ability.

Color-coded cards are organized by day of the week to make practice easy.  Each day has a particular focus.  It's easy and fun, and you will discover your ESP getting stronger each day!

Mondays:   Mental Focus Day
Tuesdays:   Body Awareness Day
Wednesdays:   "The Clairs" Day
Thursdays:   Play Outside Your Rut Day
Fridays:   Dream Day
Saturdays:   Psychic Play Day
Sundays:   Precognition Day
Develop the Full Capacity of Your Mind! 
Amazon.com Feedback: 
“I love this product!  I’m on day 44 and my psychic skills have increased dramatically!  Each day gives you an easy task to build up your skills bit by bit.   I am glad I took a chance and ordered this product, love it!”
“This is seriously effective.  I am already sensitive in this area and have been  my whole life.  I used these to help me stay in a routine…If you’re a beginner and want something to set you on a good path to using and building these skills, this is probably the best thing on the market as far as I am concerned.  Plus, it is super easy and the daily tasks are fun and not going to bog you down.”