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Psychic Consultation

A Typical Session with Karen Fox                          

I usually begin a session by telling you everything that presents itself first to me.  I ask that you relax and not ask questions during this time.  After this initial period, you can ask questions. 

To get the most out of your session, make a list of questions in advance and spend time thinking about them.  Be open to other possible avenues we may go down during the session.

People usually want to know what's going to happen in their future.  In addition to reading your future, I will also tell you what you may not be aware of and offer insights into how to deal with life issues more effectively.  This type of information can help you transform the obstacles that are getting in the way of what you want out of life. 

Ask for information to help in your decision-making.  You may want to know whether you are going to get a particular job or meet a new love.  What is important is that if you are offered the job or meet a new person, what is it going to be like?  This type of information can help you make informed decisions.  So, ask the kinds of questions that will give you information.

Those in spirit who love and support you may participate in your session.  My clients have differing beliefs about what this alternate reality stuff is all about.  Some believe in spirit guides and teachers, while others focus on angels.  Those with scientific leanings explore these ideas in the context of parallel universes and energy fields.  Most view death as a passing into another realm, and we can communicate with people there.  I have also read people who don't hold any of these beliefs.  I respect all views.  I enjoy exploring the mysteries of awareness or consciousness, and I keep an open mind about what is "out there."

Psychic Information...
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is one piece of information you can use in your life.  It is also important to use your own analytical and intuitive skills as well as seek counsel from trusted people.  Maintain your autonomy when getting psychic readings.  It is never wise to make life decisions based solely on what a psychic tells you or on my consultation (or on any one source).  The usefulness of my work is that it may bring out issues or information that you would otherwise not have considered.

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