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After the Session

After the Session...
Take the insights you've received during the session and spend some time considering how you might want to integrate them into your life  As you know, it's wise to use your own good judgment--consider what makes sense to you in the session and that you find useful to assist you in making decisions about your life.  Psychic insights are one of many resources you can draw upon, including your friends, family, trusted advisors, counselors, coaches, bodyworkers, and more.
It's important not to see psychics often, as you have your own inner guidance to use for your life.  Live your life for a while before returning to get another session.  Review the recording three to six months later.  You will likely view the session differently. 
I recommend getting a psychic reading for personal life matters no more than once every six months to a year.  It is important not to check-in with psychics on every decision or on a continuing basis. 
Readings for business or legal matters can be done more frequently.

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