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Since I was a child, I have had premonitions about the future and psychic knowings about people.  I see images (clairvoyance), and I hear with my inner hearing (clairaudient).  I am also claircognizant -- I just knowThroughout my life, I have had psychic dreams, including those about world events.  We all dream about our current circumstances and our future.
I began my psychic work in 1990 giving readings to individuals and in small groups.  I also did hands-on medical intuitive sessions for five years.  But I wanted to further my education, so I put this on the side of my life while I attended graduate school. 
While doing my master's thesis at the University of South Florida, I had vivid dreams about the people I interviewed.  My thesis committee encouraged me to incorporate these insights into my thesis.  Many scientists have dreams about their work.  And this continued with my research as I completed my Ph.D. in Sociology at Syracuse University.
I never planned to be a professional psychic.  When my job came to an end in 2004, I continued to place my psychic work on the side of my life while I pursued a new profession--hypnotherapy.  But I kept getting pushed through the psychic door - both consultations and teaching.  That's why I tell my students and clients not to use psychic insights to try to avoid negative life experiences (if one can do that).  Instead, use psychic insights along with other resources you have to move through life challenges. 
When I am giving a psychic session, I feel fortunate to be in a space of expanded awareness.  I have always been intrigued with what lies beyond our world.  And I feel honored to have the opportunity to provide my clients with insights for their lives.

Interview by Karen Hager, Empower Radio, Out of the Fog, with Karen Fox on Build Your Psychic Skills

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