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I am a psychic, medium, and medical intuitive.  Since I was a child, I have had premonitions about the future and psychic knowings about people.  I see images (clairvoyance), and I hear with my inner hearing (clairaudience).  I am also claircognizant -- I just know.  Throughout my life, I have had psychic dreams, including those about world events.  We all dream about our current circumstances and our future.
I began my psychic work in 1990 giving readings to individuals and in small groups.  I also did hands-on medical intuitive sessions for five years.  But I wanted to further my education, so I put this on the side of my life while I attended graduate school.
While doing a master's thesis at the University of South Florida, I had vivid dreams about the people I interviewed.  My thesis committee encouraged me to incorporate these insights into my thesis.  Many scientists have dreams about their work.  The psychic input continued with my research as I completed my Ph.D. in Sociology at Syracuse University. 
I never planned to be a professional psychic.  When my position in higher ed came to an end in 2004, I continued to place my psychic work on the side of my life while I pursued a new profession--hypnotherapy.  But I kept getting pushed through the psychic door - both consultations and teaching.
In 2010, I established the Aspen Program for Psychic Development based in Denver, Colorado.  After six years of this wonderful experience meeting interesting and talented people from all walks of life, I moved home to care for my parents.
Part of the core curriculum of the Aspen Program is available in the instructional daily card set:  Build Your Psychic Skills:  The 90-Day Plan and The Psychic Workbook: Tools & Techniques to Develop Reliable Insights.